“Technical Stakeholder Meeting “Circular Economy and Bioeconomy”

Last chance to register for the Technical Stakeholder Meeting “Circular Economy and Bioeconomy!

With currently almost 1400 certificates, our ISCC PLUS certification scheme has seen a strong growth over the last years and there is a strong on-going interest from companies who want to show their sustainability commitment with ISCC PLUS.
Come and join us in supporting the shift towards the circular economy and bioeconomy. This event provides a platform for stakeholders to engage in a constructive dialogue on the sustainability certification of recycled and bio-based materials.
Speakers of the day include representatives from the European Commission, WWF, brand owners such as Mattel and the Consumer Goods Forum. In addition, ISCC will discuss mass balancing and attribution approaches, provide an overview of the new ISCC licensing scheme and show the latest ISCC on-product logo uses from brand owners.
The key themes to be covered in relation to the circular economy and bioeconomy include:
-       Policy overview on plastics in the EU
-       NGO view on the circular economy and bioeconomy
-       Industry view and discussion of mass balance and attribution approaches
-       Update from ISCC Working Groups
-       Brand owners experience using the new ISCC logos and claims
-       And much more!
Attendance is free of charge and the meeting will be held in English.

Link to registration  https://www.iscc-system.org/trainings-events/regional-stakeholder-committees/circular-economy-and-bioeconomy/



BIOEAST HUB CZ reflektuje Evropskou Zelenou dohodu a novou Evropskou strategii bioekonomiky a je koncipován jako národní sdružení stakeholderů.

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