SAVE THE DATE ⚠️ Research on Agroecology Event | 27 October 2021 | 12h00-14h00 UTC (14:00-16.00 CEST)

On 27 October at 12:00-14:00 UTC (14:00-16.00 CEST), the Agroecology TPP is hosting an online event

on Research on Agroecology: Current strengths and innovative futures for sustainable food systems. 

This event is free and is open to everyone to attend online - feel free to register here!

The topic of agroecological transformation of agrifood systems and its link to the SDGs was one of the most prevalent at this year’s UN World Food Systems Summit in New York. Clearly, there is a perceived urgency for such transformation to occur.

Divided into three parts, this interactive 2-hour session will help you gain first-hand knowledge of the linkage between sustainable intensification and agroecological transformation.

  • Part 1 will provide an introduction to the Agropolis Dossier released this last September. It will give an overview of the extensive research conducted by more than 500 researchers from over 100 universities and research organizations spread around the globe - illustrating the strong commitment of France and CGIAR to promoting the agroecological transition.
  • Part 2 will address the demand and the need for research in the area of agroecology. It will look at current knowledge gaps, new research questions and the emerging need to conduct research differently.
  • Part 3 will talk about how research in agroecology can provide answers to the current global challenges. Experts overview of a variety of ongoing projects and initiatives in the field, such as the Agroecology Coalition, a Million Voices initiative and many more linked to the Agroecology TPP. 

The event will allow ample space for audience interaction with the scientists.

We very much look forward to seeing you online on 27 October to discuss a new global food system based on ecology, equity and participation.

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