Members of the newly formed CBE JU’s advisory body held their first meeting to elect the group’s Chair and Vice-Chair, adopt its rules of procedure and discuss the setup of CBE JU.

The states’ representatives group (SRG) is one of the advisory bodies of CBE JU. The group provides to the CBE JU Governing Board the opinion of the EU’s Member States and Associated Countries on the operations of CBE JU, and in particular on the progress of the programme implementation, Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), draft annual work plan and activity report of CBE JU, as well as measures taken to address specific objectives of the initiative.

SRG also provides to the Board information on regional and national research and innovation programmes and other initiatives aiming to improve and deploy relevant technologies and innovative solutions, with a view to ensuring complementarities and synergies with the CBE JU programme.

‘Support and involvement of states’ representatives group in CBE JU’s activities is crucial for the success of CBE JU, and is building on the achievements of its predecessor, BBI JU’s states’ representative group,’ said CBE JU’s Executive Director Philippe Mengal when addressing SRG members in today’s meeting. ‘We are looking forward to your advice and guidance but also your valuable insights on national research and innovation priorities, your help to increase the visibility of CBE JU at national level, to mobilise the sector and contribute to the deployment of relevant technologies in your countries,’ he concluded.

Up to two main and two alternate SRG members are nominated by the relevant national authorities of the EU Member States and Associated countries. Currently there are 31 main members and 29 alternate members from 27 countries in the group. There is a strong gender balance in the group, as 60% of all members are women.

Ms. Agata Foks, the Polish representative, was elected the Chair of the states’ representatives group.

‘I am honoured with the trust you have placed in me,’ said Agata Foks after the election. ‘I strongly believe that shifting from non-renewable fossil raw materials and minerals to circular bio-based production processes is essential to reach the EU’s climate targets as set out in the European Green Deal. And CBE JU has a key role to play here. As CBE JU’s advisory body, SRG is an important part of a balanced and transparent governance of the initiative. I will do my utmost to ensure that the opinions of all SRG members are taken into account in a fair and transparent way.’

Read the full statement of Agata Foks.

Mr. Fabio Fava, the Italian representative, is the group’s Vice-Chair.

‘I am happy to put my experience in coordinating the states’ representatives group of BBI JU at the service of the new advisory body, and to support its Chair in this challenging task. In particular, I am looking forward to making use of the best practices and the lessons learnt during seven years of the BBI JU initiative,’ stated Fabio Fava on the occasion.

Members of the states’ representatives group will meet at least twice a year. Their first tasks will include providing opinion on the upcoming CBE JU's annual work plan.



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