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Working meeting and workshop with theme of clean water "Fresh Water Related projects"

A working meeting and workshop on the topic of clean water "Fresh Water Related projects" took place in Brussels

On Tuesday, March 19, 2024, a working meeting and workshop took place in Brussels, the link of which was the theme of clean water. The organizer was the BIOEAST HUB CZ team in cooperation with the leadership of the BIOEAST initiative.

At the meeting, on the one hand, representatives of the European Commission presented current and near-future financial instruments for the support of water-related projects from various points of view. Examples of good practice from the countries of the BIOEAST region with water management, its retention in the landscape, etc. were presented to the participants on site and online. The main part of the event and the main goal was the meeting of representatives of various ongoing projects. In short presentations, the objectives of more than 15 currently solved projects were presented, including those involving partners from the Czech Republic, the DALIA and NIAGARA projects.

The main goal of the event was to look for new synergies between projects, between partners, to accelerate future cooperation, to look for new ideas and visions. It is also underlined by the fact that Marie Kubáňková is the coordinator of the BIOEAST thematic working group focused on clean water. BIOEAST Hub organized the first bioeconomy congress at national level last year, this was the first event held in Brussels. According to feedback from more than 40 participants from more than 20 European countries, the event was a success and the opportunity to introduce each other and look for future partners was appreciated.

The BIOEAST HUB team wants to continue organizing similar events and present the activities of all its members at them.


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