Concept paper BE

Concept paper BE

National Bioeconomy Strategy

The main goal of this document, the so-called concept paper, is to set the framework for a national bioeconomy strategy and action plan development, aiming to generate a deeper discussion in the Czech Republic on the necessity of paradigm shift in the economic thinking regarding the valorisation of biomass as a renewable natural resource. The past decade’s climate change related challenges show that without a careful planning the circular and sustainable valorisation of the available bioresources, the country’s viable future will be threatened. Inter-sectorial approaches are inevitable and both visionary thinking and strategical planning is required to strengthen the systemic thinking concerning production and processing of bioresources.

Key conclusion of the Czech National Bioeconomy Strategic Concept Paper:

There is a strong need for more awareness raising and enhancement policy makers to include bioeconomy in the political agenda. The bottom-up approach to activities and facilitation of the dialogue between policy makers and expert shall continue, both national and ERDF funds should support bioeconomy innovation as key enablers for bioeconomy implementation

The National Concept Papers are together with the BIOEAST SRIA key results of the BIOEASTsUP project. They are incorporating key results and conclusions of the BIOEASTsUP project. National Bioeconomy Strategic Concept Papers are designed to serve as a basis for the further development and implementation of national bioeconomy strategies and action plans in the BIOEAST countries. The development of National Concept Papers launched several key processes in the BIOEAST macro-region, i.e., stakeholder involvement and engagement in discussion, facilitating the inter-ministerial dialogue and national thematic working groups.

This document is considered as on open one, BIOEAST HUB CZ is committed to further advance upon what has been done, focused on the above-mentioned challenges and continue improving this background material (i.e. market signals of bio-based industry, market acceptance and public incentives for bio based products, (non) existence of private funding, flagship projects and their life cycle analysis) for policy makers to support the development of national bioeconomy strategies, action plans and public funding instruments.

Executive Summary

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